This is where it all begins.  Has someone in our organization caught your attention with their amazing contributions and deserves to be honored and acknowledged? Who is that for you? Read about the two awards that will be given during our 2019 ADHD Professionals Conference below.  Please send us your recommendations.

As in the past, our two award winners (not one) for this year will be honored at the ACO Luncheon during the 2019 International Conference on ADHD.

Nominate your ACO Hero!

Do you know someone who is making or has made an exceptional, impactful, and selfless contribution to ADHD coaches and the ADHD coaching profession? Or someone who has devoted their time and energy to helping the ACO grow? Read about the two NEW awards that will be received at our ACO luncheon. Then send your nomination as described below.

1. The ACO Professional Excellence Award

With this award, we want to honor the impact our members are making in our field. The ACOProfessional Excellence Award recognizes the professional legacy of an individual within the ACOcommunity for exceptional, impactful, and selfless contributions as they support and offer their service to ADHDcoaches and to the field of ADHD coaching.

The recipient Is a current or former member of ACO, has contributed or is contributing significantly to the ADHD coaches or ADHD coaching profession, has given back to the field by donating time or resources to the greater community and has not previously received the ACO Professional Excellence Award (formerly the Founders Award}.

2. ACO Extraordinary Volunteer Service Award

With this award we celebrate the hard work of the volunteers who have made ACO great. These exceptional team players have donated their energy, passion and talents for the betterment of our community.

The recipient is a current or former member of ACO, has contributed or is contributing significantly to the ACO and its members with the devotion of their time, talents, and resources.



Please provide the following information:

    • Name and contact information of Nominee
    • Website for Nominee
    • Which award you are nominating them for (The ACO Professional Excellence Award or the ACO Extraordinary Volunteer Service Award)
    • How they meet the criteria guidelines stated above
    • Your name and best contact information

Send your nominations by October 10, 2019 to Joyce Kubik at  [email protected] 

We look forward to receiving your nominations!