The ACO has a number of active committees, and we are seeking members for most all of our committees.

Want to participate? You can click on any of the links below, or scroll down the page to check out what committees there are and what your fellow members are doing.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Committee Members: 

Sudhita Kasturi, Committee Chair

Jessica Hespelt                               


Nytasha Smith                              

Bradley Smith                               


Finance Committee

This committee is chaired by the Treasurer and is responsible for the fiduciary oversight of the ACO. Click here to contact the Finance Committee.

Committee Members:

Christine Kotik, Treasurer and Chair


LaJuan Abbey


Global ADHD Resource Team

The Resource Committee is responsible for providing a robust support program for ACO members interested in setting up ADHD Awareness programs in their community. The committee provides ADHD Awareness Month press releases and PSA templates, presentations for use by ACO members, and strategies for creating a successful program; conducts online information workshops; and oversees an interactive online community group for coaches. Click here to contact the ADHD Resource Team.

Committee Members:

Roxanne Fouché, Chair


Marketing & PR Committee

This committee is responsible for making sure the world knows about the ACO and what we offer to members, other professionals, and anyone who might be seeking information about ADHD coaches and coaching. Click here to contact the Marketing and Public Relations Committee.

Committee Members:

 Katherine Jahnke, Chair


Membership Committee

This committee is responsible for the care of members including new member orientations, help with membership issues, and accessing your membership benefits. Click here to contact the Member Services Committee.

Committee Members:

Evan Kirstein, Chair


Nominations Committee

This committee is responsible for identifying and recruiting leadership for the organization including board members, officers, professional advisory board, and leadership team members.  The committee consists of one other Board member and one member of the organization at large. Click here to contact the Nominations Committee.

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee is dedicated to the continued professional growth and development of ACO coaches.  For the benefit of our membership, the Programs Committee develops and runs programs that are consistent with the values, vision, and mission of ACO. The Programs Committee believes that as coaches "we are stronger together," and strives to develop a variety of interactive learning opportunities.Click here to contact the Programs Committee.

Committee Members:

 Kristine Shiverick (Chair)

 Crista Hopp

 David Rose

 Michelle Buzgon

 Kate Barrett

 Frankie Mansfield Berkoben


Research Committee

The Research Committee’s focus is on “sharpening the saw” of ACO members, sharing research about coaching, ADHD and co-existing challenges applicable to our work as ADHD Coaches. Research articles are published regularly in the ACO Weekly Blog. Research committee members also collaborate with the Programs Committee to facilitate discussions related to the application of current research into our coaching practices. Click here to contact the Research Committee.

Committee Members:

Roxanne Fouché, Chair

Elizabeth Ahman

 Melissa Knight


 Lisa Joy Tuttle


Dorothy Bisbee


Website & Technology Committee

The Website & Technology Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining a website and other technology as appropriate that supports the ACO Vision, Mission, and Values and that meets the needs of our membership and those members of the public searching for an ADHD coach. Click here to contact the Website & Technology Committee.

 David Rickabaugh, Chair

Brittany Smith