ACO Strategic Plan

ACO Strategic Plan (pdf)

In late 2021, several members of the ACO board recognized that we needed to update our strategic plan, because we recognized that our current strategic plan was out of date, because our membership had grown by 40% over the last year, and because we, as a fully volunteer organization, were struggling to implement the findings from our 2020 member survey.  Subsequently, in early 2022 we hired Sarah Timm, CEO of Parthenon Management Group and an expert in non-profit association management, to guide us through a governance review and strategic planning process.  We formed a task force comprised of Tamara Rosier, Christine Kotik, and David Rickabaugh to work with Sarah to review and revise our bylaws and policies and to develop a strategic plan to guide us over the next 3-5 years.

As a result of this effort, the ACO Board approved new bylaws in December 2022 and new policies and procedures in January 2023.  The key elements of our strategic plan were approved by the board in March 2023.

In developing the strategic plan, we noted that our membership had continued at a fast pace of 30-40% year over year, and that in order to best serve the needs of our members and to scale to meet our members’ needs in the future, we would need to find a way to hire a professional staff.  As such, shifting from a fully-volunteer organization to a volunteer led organization with a professional staff is the center point of our new strategic plan.

Tamara Rosier, President
Christine Kotik, Treasurer
David Rickabaugh, President-Elect