Values, Vision, Mission

THE ACO IS THE WORLDWIDE professional membership organization for ADHD coaches. We are committed to serving as a resource for ADHD coaches, for our members and for the public. The ADHD Coaches Organization is a 501(c)6 non-profit association created to advance the profession of ADHD coaching worldwide.

The Values of the ACO

  • Community – The ACO is a nonprofit professional association of ADHD coaches, providing a community for ADHD coaches to come together and grow in supportive and successful ways.
  • Excellence – The ACO values excellence in ADHD coaching, providing an environment that encourages members to develop and excel professionally.
  • Education – The ACO values education, providing current, reliable, and pertinent information about ADHD and ADHD coaching to our members and to the general public.
  • Advocacy – The ACO stands for promoting awareness of ADHD coaching and its value to people living with ADHD.

The Vision of the ACO

We envision a world where ADHD coaches are known and highly prized, respected, and sought after for their ability to help clients achieve goals and realize their full potential; a world where every person living with ADHD knows about coaching, and can easily find and work with an ADHD coach who is a perfect match for their needs.

The Mission of the ACO

  • Support high professional and ethical standards for our profession,
  • Promote awareness of ADHD coaching and its value to people living with ADHD,
  • Provide up-to-date resources to our members, and
  • Serve as an informational link about ADHD Coaching to the general public and to other professionals working with people who are affected by ADHD.

The Tenets of the ACO

The ACO is not just a professional association, but also a common meeting ground and resource for all ADHD Coaches and those interested in ADHD Coaching. From the beginning we have operated based on our values, vision, mission, and the following tenets.

  • We do not advocate for any one school or coach. There are many ways to come to ADHD Coaching. If you meet our definition of a Professional ADHD Coach, or if you simply support our mission and wish to be associated with this organization, there is room for you at the ACO.
  • This is a member-driven organization. We offer you many avenues to engage with your colleagues and participate in the organization at any level you wish. Additionally, we seek your opinions so we can grow in ways that best support you, our membership, and our profession.
  • This organization is run by volunteers. All money collected by the ACO is spent on the costs of being an organization (legal fees, banking costs, web presence, online services, administrative assistance, etc.) and on furthering the organization’s mission of Promoting ADHD Coaches and Coaching Worldwide. We spend your money on things that benefit you.
  • We believe in diversity and that our whole is more powerful than the sum of our parts. We respect and value that individuals have different skills, knowledge, viewpoints, and opinions. We hold as important for the growth and well being of our profession that these diverse skills, knowledge, viewpoints, and opinions are shared with the community.
  • We treat each other with professionalism and respect. If one member has an issue with another member, they are encouraged to speak with that person directly (not in email) in an ethical, professional, and coach-like manner to resolve the problem. Arbitrators are available to facilitate the process if needed.
  • We endorse and support certification for coaches through the PAAC, ICF, IAC, and CCE.